Beach Day

Being active with kids doesn’t always have to be a grand adventure. Our family enjoys outings both big and small, and today’s sunshine led us to one of our favorite local beaches. We found some lovely treasures, but most of all, we enjoyed a relaxing summer afternoon outdoors.

I was reminded again how simple it is to parent outdoors. No worrying about messes, no nagging for cartoons or fighting over toys. The girls were so peaceful and cooperative, and engaged in what they were doing. There was space for all of us to just breathe.

Our beach day prep is pretty minimal. We are so far north that the girls know that ocean swimming is off limits, so no towels or swimsuits needed. At this particular beach, because it is covered in shells and pebbles, there is no worry about sand mess or mud, so no special footwear required either, just our regular everyday Keens. We did bring a simple picnic of juice and applesauce, with moose and salmon jerky for protein if needed, but a picnic definitely does not have to involve a cooler lunch.

Since we walk as much as possible, I keep a first aid kit in the stroller at all times. Thankfully, we didn’t need it today, but it’s always a good idea to take to the beach in case of glass or sharp barnacles. We top off our daily gear list with our water bottles. These are a daily standard, and we love the Camelbak kids’ version.

That’s it. Simple and sweet, but a perfect afternoon in the summer sun. Exactly the way I want to spend my days with my children.

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