Last Minute Camping

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Generally speaking, I am a thorough planner. I’ve been known to hoard notebooks full of lists and ideas, carefully breaking them down step by step to make them happen. Sometimes, however, opportunities present themselves and I find that spontaneity seems to work itself out for the best.

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough for things to line up exactly perfect between fishing days, to make a trip to Homer, Alaska. We needed a new truck for our business, and found one on Craigslist that fit our parameters. We quickly loaded the kids up and road tripped down the Kenai Peninsula to our destination. When we got there, we knew we would need to overnight somewhere on the way back, but in our lack of planning, we never made a hotel or cabin reservation. Thankfully, the Kenai Peninsula is full of amazing campgrounds, and it wasn’t hard to find one. We forgot to pack our tent before we left, and though we had the kids’ sleeping bags, we were in the market for new bags for us.

We popped over to Sportsmans’ Warehouse and picked up the cheapest tent we could find, as well as a new double bag (SO. AMAZING!) instead of two singles. A good friend here who camps regularly, mentioned that they always take 2 tents when they camp (they do a lot of remote fly out trips), one for the people, and one to store gear. This is great for Alaska, especially when you’re flying out, instead of taking the car, because our weather can be so unpredictable. Initially I felt a little wasteful buying a new tent, when we have a great one at home, but now with a second one, it opens up the possibility of taking a gear tent for more remote trips.

The campsite we landed at was right along the Kenai River in Sterling, and I was grateful that there were still a few sites open.

We quickly set up camp, and spent the evening playing in the surrounding woods. The girls did have a hard time falling asleep, since they were so excited. When quiet hours started, we loaded them up into the car and went for a quick drive. They fell asleep and we easily transferred them back into their sleeping bags. We even got a blissful hour to sit outside the tent by ourselves before we called it a night. To our surprise, they both slept through the night, and we all woke up more refreshed than we’ve been in months. Both girls were so excited when they discovered that we were STILL in the tent in the morning.

Last minute adventures definitely have their place in my heart, and I’m so thankful my girls got to experience that.