Hello again.

We’ve been a bit busy since we started up this website, that it appears we’ve forgotten to update it. All joking aside, we are re-energized and ready to take on our next adventures, but felt it would be unfair to leave the story of our last year unfinished.

We completed a remodel on our $400 camper trailer, and decided to tow it from Alaska down to Oregon. I had grand intentions of blogging the entire journey, but we got side-tracked in Colorado when my husband’s crabbing job fell through. So we opted to spend the winter near his family and exploring some mountains that are quite different than our own.

We meandered around the western half of the country, visiting family and friends, and taking in some wonderful mild spring camping weather. Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Rocky Mountain NP, Moab and Arches, Snake River Valley, San Juan National Forest and the 4 Corners region, SoCal, the Sierra Nevadas, the Redwood Coast, Oregon Coast, and Washington State were among our favorite stops (okay, so we loved it all!) before we hit the AlCan again.

We came home to Alaska with an extra hitchhiker, sold the camper and bought a smaller one that sits in our truck bed, and spent the summer preparing for life as a family of 5! Just before his due date, we learned that he had a serious congenital heart defect and would need surgery as a newborn, so we packed our bags again and flew to Seattle for 2 months so he could be near a hospital that was equipped tohandle his condition.

It’s been an action-packed year, and we are very happy to be back exploring our homeland again. Our little guy is happy and healthy now and we’re finding that we have time to devote to social media once again. Follow us on Insta for the most current adventures, but I promise I’ll update this more often than every year from now on.