pandemic parenting

I majorly struggle with blogging. I overshare and then I undershare, and haven’t found that perfect balance. That said, I love writing as an outlet, and especially through this pandemic have desired more of a connection to likeminded families.
But I also panic and get self-conscious about my writing being out there for the whole dang internet to see. So then, I just let my writing drop off the wayside.

As we enter this school year now, in 2020, I find myself coming back to the reasons why I started this blog in the first place: to share all the wondrous things my children share with me, to connect with other parents, and to celebrate joy.

Setting my intentions forward, as we begin our first real year of homeschooling — we dabbled in homeschooling the year of our camper trip, but the girls were still pre-K then.

Hoping to use this space as a place I can document our journey, share about what is working well for us, and find community and connection as we all navigate this new chapter in humanity.20150719_134037_resized