3 Ways to Play with Playdough

We stock an incredible range of playdough from Cheeky Little Learners. I consider playdough one of the best sensorial and open-ended material readily available. Our playdough is unscented and handmade in Australia. It will last up to six months if stored correctly. It is so incredibly soft and squishy! You can always have playdough readily available for your little ones to decide what they would like to create. 

Here are some ways to set up simple invitations to engage your little ones in playdough creations: 

1. Playdough Toolbox - this one is probably my favourite because it keeps my toddler entertained for a very long time. We simply add some stampers, rolling pin, rolling board, loose parts and some bits and bobs from nature walks. Pop a tin of readily made playdough into your pack for hours of creativity and play.

2. Small World Play - you can include your playdough in your small world set ups by molding them into the shape of choice and use them as landforms. This makes it so much fun for footprint making! 

3. Fine Motor Play - you can download some free playdough mats from https://www.playdoughtoplato.com/100-free-playdough-mats/ 

Playdough mats allow children to practice their fine motor skills, language skills and provide opportunity to use their imagination. You can also do some cutting skills for younger toddlers by simply giving them a long piece of rolled playdough. 

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to try out with our playdough range. I would love to hear from you what other ways you have used our playdough!

Jeannie 🤍