Conscious Consumerism

What are you really supporting when you make a purchase?

Here at The Play Forest we are avid supporters of shopping small and consciously. Conscious shopping is a way to make every purchase a vote for change.

Here are a few ways you can be a conscious consumer:

1. Shop locally - shopping from a small business means so much. It has a major impact on your local economy and community. 

2. Buy products that are ethically made - this means the product has been made with people, animals and environment in mind. Products that have been ethically made are paying workers a living wage, taking in account the work environment/conditions and have health standards in place. 

3. Find sustainable options - ditch those plastics for wood! Wood is many more ecological than plastic. A tree has absorbed carbon dioxide in its growth and requires much less energy to produce. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials available.

4. Avoid buying more than you need - I am guilty of this…buying something I don’t need because it’s on sale. I am now purchasing items not based on their sales but based on our need for them.


At The Play Forest, all products have been mindfully curated. Every purchase you make from us you are a making a conscious decision to shop better and support our values of ethical and sustainable production. 

Jeannie x