The Benefits of Open-Ended Play

Welcome to The Play Forest!

We are so happy to have you join our little wooden-toy loving community.

My name is Jeannie and I am a mother to two gorgeous boys. I am an early childhood educator and am passionate about all things play. In our home, open-ended materials are greatly loved and played with on a daily basis. Setting up a beautiful and organised home environment has always been important to me. Stumbling across all the gorgeous materials I was so overwhelmed with choices. I hope that The Play Forest can be a safe space for parents to discuss all things play!

Let me firstly clarify that not all wooden toys are open-ended and not all open-ended toys are wooden. It is definitely a misconception that plastic toys cannot be open-ended. Open-ended toys are simply toys that can be manipulated by the child in multiple ways. They are definitely worth the investment as a child can interpret them in anyway they like. Open-ended toys give children space to explore and develop ideas, provide a safe environment for them to make mistakes, it helps them develop imagination and will last them their entire childhood.

We hope that the open-ended toys at The Play Forest will make every child very happy and provide hours of unstructured play.