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Silk Teether

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100% high quality silk square tied securely to a smooth beech wood ring.

Perfect size for little hands and little mouths. The silk is a 55cm square with a hand-rolled hem. The beech wood ring is 6cm in diameter. The shimmery lustre of the silk comforts little ones while the hard beech wood provides relief for sore gums and helps teeth break through.

The silk is dyed evenly with bright, non-toxic dye. Please note that the colour of each silk may vary slightly as each piece is hand dyed. Silk is a natural fibre that is lightweight and durable and feels that little bit special and luxurious.

The beech ring is made from pure, untreated beech wood, giving it a unique, natural "fleck" pattern. Beech wood is naturally antibacterial and has been tested and meets the Australian/NZ safety standards for migration of elements (ISO8124.1:2012) as well as mechanical and physical properties (ISO8124.1:2013) so you can be confident your little one will not be chewing on any nasties!

The ring is in its raw state to avoid allergens or sensitivities - you can choose to add your own oil as you wish, or just leave them the way they are.

This article has some tips for oiling wooden teething toys:

This teething toy comes in a cotton pouch. This is extra handy for keeping it away from any nasties under the pram or in your handbag while on the move with your bubba.

The silk can be easily untied from the beech ring and played with separately. Playsilks are a versatile toy for children that encourages imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a paddock for cows to live, a tablecloth at a tea party, a peek-a-boo prop, a dolls blanket or just a silky friend to soothe your little one. You'll be surprised at the games your little ones come up with and it will be a joy to watch their creative side come out. Each silk teether comes with an Ideas For Play card and Care Instructions.

Care instructions:
Untie silk from beech ring. Hand wash separately in lukewarm water with mild soap (baby shampoo is great). Gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Iron on low heat between two handkerchiefs if desired but wrinkles come out quickly with play.

Please note that these photos have no filter, but were taken on a Samsung phone, which tend to automatically brighten photos. The silks may look a little more pastel coloured in real life.